Friday 17 February 2012

Aperi, Domine

Aperi, Domine, os meum ad
benedicendum Nomen sanctum
tuum; munda quoque cor meum
ab omnibus vanis, perversis et
alienis cogitationibus; intellectum illumina, affectum
inflamma, ut digne, attente ac
devote hoc Officium recitare
valeam, et exaudiri merear ante
conspectum divinae Maiestatis
tuae. Per Christum Dominum

Domine, in unione illius divinae
intentionis, qua ipse in terris
laudes Deo persolvisti, has tibi
Horas (vel hanc tibi Horam)
O Lord, open Thou my mouth to
bless Thy holy name; cleanse my
heart also from all vain, evil and
wandering thoughts; enlighten my
understanding , kindle my affections, that I may be able to
recite this Office worthily,
attentively and devoutly, and may
deserve to be heard in the
presence of Thy divine Majesty.
Through Christ our Lord.

Lord, in union with that divine
intention, wherewith Thou Thyself didst praise God whilst Thou
wast on earth, I offer these Hours
(or this Hour) unto Thee.

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